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RealFind Commercial

"Get Real and Find your way to the property of your choice."

VIP Preview: Invite Only

Dear VIP and Fellow Visionary,

We want you to help shape the future with us.

Our mission together is to enable, organize, and reinvent a stagnant commercial real estate landscape, leveraging modern technologies to provide value and opportunity for brokers, buyers, and analysts alike.

Together, we will leverage state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and data crunching algorithms to furnish an affordable digital companion for both brokers and buyers.

In some ways we are the same...

At RealFind, we know the real-estate app market is a crowded one, and for good reason. There are excellent tools out there with amenities that consumers and brokers have come to expect, and though we might do it better: we still want to make your journey with us a familiar and comfortable one. We embrace and extend the invention of the wheel where possible.

In many ways, we are different...

Though the market is crowded, the tools for commercial real-estate are monopolized by few with pricetags to match. This is wrong. We know that current technologies can dust off and replace these antiquated business models. We believe in bringing well-informed brokers and buyers together at low cost.

Though our cost is low, we are data-rich. Providing a level of property detail the most analytical of users likely won’t fully utilize. Oh, and we also automate comparables. Humans should be liberated to do more of what they love, not dragoon details from assessor websites into spreadsheets. That’s a job for our robot overlords.


We strive to be as accessible as possible. Whether it’s an annoying bug or feature request, reach out anytime.

We hope you have a fantastic journey with us.

Made with <3 by the Realfind Team

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