What Is RealFind?

RealFind allows you to reach your target audience more effectively and with more detailed information. In addition, the property reports that you will have access to will easily outshine your competitors. Less time spent researching and advertising is more time to acquire new clients.


Great for Real-Estate Investors!

RealFind offers a suite of tools for you to find exactly what you are looking for with as fine-toothed comb as you’d like. Whether you’d like to search from the comfort of home or out on the road, RealFind has you covered.

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Commercial Real Estate Buyers Directory

Historical commercial property data is always great when you’re looking to do your due-diligence on a property to make money off of or invest into. However, what’s more important is the data that tells you whats for sale or lease and whats not. We have a website where you can list your property for free and track your leads as well as promote your properties through various social media avenues. This not only is good for your closing ration, but builds your brand as a professional who can sell properties.

Real Find Commercial Real Estate Buyers Directory
residential real estate buyers directory

Residential Real Estate Buyers Directory

It’s important to know the history of a home before you purchase it. It’s also important to know the areas schools if you have children. Maybe you require transportation to work everyday and commuting by car isn’t a timely option. You’ll need to have this information before you mortgage a new home to be certain it’s going to be a worthwhile investment. We have the solution and it’s going to be in the palm of your hand. COMING SOON!

Our Team

We have compiled a team of dedicated specialists who’ve all had years of experience in their specific fields. They’ve joined us on this journey to innovate and change the commercial real estate industry. We hope you join us too!
Ken Hutchison CTO

A.I. Specialist PhD Engineering, PhD Mathematics, entrepreneur.

Chad Ruggiere CBA

Chief Brand Analyst, Strategic Planning & Sales Management

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