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Our database is enormous!
Our database is enormous filled with details of every commercial, industrial and multi-family property in the United States. We also provide the statistics and demographics within the circumference of every property. This makes comps easier to understand and making report easier and faster.

We have pulled in approximately 1700 different sources of information pertaining to properties and their locations as well as information pertaining to the surrounding business types to see the competition of your proposed use.

1700 Sources of Information

for any real-estate project you can dream up.’s most powerful asset to the real-estate community is removing the guess work and minimizing the time it takes to research a certain parcel for a proposed use.
real-estate software to help you find and buy properties
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What information does RealFind offer?

Information pertaining to property history, location, statistics and demographics and our proprietary beam software.
We offer all of the information available pertaining to the location of the parcel and the parcel itself, but that’s not all. We also offer a way to be notified about prospective properties while you drive around. All you have to do is set your filter to the specific property type or land use and you’ll have notification pop up on your phone letting you know to swing by and have a look. If the property looks like a fit then favorite the property and when your back to the office pull a full report on the property and present it at your next real estate meeting or to your buyer. has lots to offer

The best tool for the commercial and industrial space we’ve seen so far

Currently we are testing our software behind the scenes and making it better. However, you could play with it too! Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you. Here’s a list of all the benefits has to offer.

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