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Brought to you by RealFind and the Internet of Locations

Real Estate Data Access, Analytics, Comparables, and Location Services

RealFind and the Internet of Locations licenses data from partners and mines external data via proprietary algorithms to provide an excellent vantage point for the curious data analyst.

RealFind and the Internet of Locations uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze Real Estate Data producing accurate and affordable comparables as well as many, many other statistics and features of interest for Commercial Real Estate properties. 


This platform provides the service to offload much of the data mining and cleaning that often has to be done to accurately survey or purchase commercial real estate: beneficial to both broker and buyer alike.


RealFind and The Internet of Locations features granular filters for property preferences, and the RealFind beam uses your location data to notify you of properties of interest near you, and optimizes your time by routing you to them should you choose.


Tipping your hat to the digital age is no longer optional, but we believe that a software platform providing data, analytics, and geotargeting services for commercial real estate saves brokers and buyers time and money finding the perfect fit. 

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